About Us

Mike Fullard

The founder Mike Fullard is also the plant manager and chief product developer and has over 30 years’ experience in the meat industry. He started working for his father at the age of 12 in their start up raw meat business in their garage. As that business grew, Mike continued learning and working every aspect of the business. In 2006, Mike wanted to pursue a career in the cooked end of the meat business and went to work for a jerky
manufacturer as the Plant Manager. He learned everything about the jerky business and in 2010 started up Just Mike’s Jerky Company. His passion has been perfecting blends that are flavorful and good for you.

Christine Bowman Fullard

Christine is Mike’s wife and has worked for the company evenings & weekends from the start. In 2012, she came on full-time since the business was growing. Christine brings her 15+ years experience working for steel parts manufacturers in a variety of office positions. She has had positions starting as a receptionist and working up to a management office position. This background allows Christine to manage and make decisions for every aspect of the business. Christine works with Mike on product development as well as new recipes.

Tom Bowman

Tom is Christine’s father and started with Mike in 2010. Tom is a retired Cleveland Firefighter and does a wide variety of jobs at the jerky company. He handles deliveries & pick-ups, maintenance, sanitation and most importantly he is the Chief Mixologist. He custom blends all of our spices in house for the team to use daily.